Are you looking to set up a new business in Northern Ireland but are not sure where to begin? Thankfully, we at Fast Form Online can help you get started. For any new business, you must have a registered office address within Northern Ireland. We offer full guidance during this process. It is important to mention for all new businesses, the company number will start with NI in order to identify the company as being registered in Northern Ireland.

You can register your business in Northern Ireland by using a company formation agency like Fast Form Online. However, you must provide a full valid office address and select Northern Ireland as the location the company is based. After this, we will help to submit your full business application through to Companies House in Belfast. This may be approved within as little as a few working hours, so your new business can start trading as soon as possible.

What if I move my business address to an address outside of Northern Ireland?

There are two solutions to this question. The first solution involves having to register your new business with a service provider. There are lots of different service providers who will help provide you with a registered office service. This will allow you to run your new business from anywhere in the world by also giving you a chance to retain a digital presence within Northern Ireland.

The other solution is a lot more complex as it varies on the company’s situation. For example, if your new company was to move outside of Northern Ireland. This means you will have to transfer all of the company finances over. You may also have to begin the process of registering your new business in another country. For that reason, you may need help from an accountant who will provide you with a more recent incorporation date.

Register your company in Northern Ireland today with Fast Form Online in a few easy steps!